Tina C Zhang 

   Life is not to live, is to laugh!  - Tina Zhang

  The practice of traditional Chinese internal martial arts is a path that leads one to become equipped with powerful and reliable mechanisms of the body, mind, and spirit that enhance the meaning of a wonderful living!      - Tina Zhang  Tina Chunna Zhang

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When I was a baby girl of  56 days, I was on the train from Liao Ning Province in Northern Eastern China to Beijing, with my parents.  Dad, as an army officer, who had just finished his service in army number

Tina at the Summer Palace

38, under the Commander Lin Biao, and was on his way to Beijing to study "Political Science" in People's University. My Mom had just finished her Doctor's degree and had been  working in the hospital of the University of Army Medicine when she met my Dad.  When we arrived in the capital, we settled in the house where the Emperor Dowager's private army had lived, near the People's University where my Dad was going to attend, and just steps away from the Summer Palace.  In my early memories, the Summer Palace was the place our family and my parents' friends always hung around until I was 5 years old...We moved from West of Beijing to East of Beijing - JiuXianQiao area, because my Mom took a job working in a hospital that served workers and families who were the first generation building up China's communication system with the Russian's technology.  I spent

Tina in the Forbidden City, Beijing.

my youthful years over there, and my interests, besides academics, were dance, gymnastics, and martial arts - "Chang Quan", or Long Fists was my first training set...


A photo with my brother 

Calligraphy was also one of my favorites!

   - Tina Zhang

        Tina Chunna Zhang has experienced Chinese Martial Arts and dance since her childhood in Beijing, China, and moved to the U.S. in the 1980’s.  She has studied and trained with the most skillful and respected internal martial arts masters in China.  She is The 5th Generation Northern Wu Style Taijiquan (Tai Chi) Lineage Master, Trained under the Grandmaster Li Bing Ci, the president of Beijing Northern Wu Style Tai Ji Quan research center.  She is the 5th generation lineage Master of  Classical Cheng Style Ba Gua Zhang, under Grandmaster Liu Jing Ru of Beijing.  She also is studying Chen Village Style Tai Ji Quan with Masters of the Chen Village.  She is a nationally high ranked medalist in both Tai Ji Quan and Ba Gua Zhang in forms, weapons, and push hands; and she was twice champions in Women's Sparring in Chinese martial arts tournaments.  She is the co-author of Classical Northern Wu Style Tai Ji Quan, and The Whirling Circles of Ba Gua Zhang, and the founder of Qi Gong for Women's Health program and author of Earth Qi Gong for Women. Check out her newly published the book "The Three Treasure." - a Chinese Medical Qi Gong book.  She has never stopped study, and forever continues the practice of internal martial arts, and research in human body's science and culture of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which she studies academically at Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Theory of TCM and Traditional Chinese Diagnostics and mentored by one of the most famous TCM Doctors Kong Si Bo (1933-2011), Beijing. www.Kongyitang.comThrough her professional internal martial arts teaching methods in effective trainings and Tradtitional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practice Clinic, Tina Zhang has helped countless people in many countries to achieve their harmonic wealth of physical and mental health.         


Summer Bash, New York City 2000.

Sparring with "TheSnake" at WuTangPCA.






  Listed Below are Tina Zhang's Achievements in Chinese Martial Arts 

Competitions in the United States and China

 Tina Zhang won 26 Medals in Chinese Internal Martial Arts Tournaments, 2001 ~ 2005.

WuShu Union National Chinese Martial Arts Championships 2005 (Las Vegas, NV)

U.S. National Ranking Division:

Women’s Wu Style Tai Chi – Gold

Women’s Tai Chi Sword – Silver (Northern Wu Style Tai Ji Sword)

Women’s Ba Gua Zhang – Silver

Women’s Internal Weapon – Silver (Deer Horn Knife)

 A Taste of China – All Taijiquan Championship 2005 (Winchester, VA)

Advanced Division:

Wu Style Tai Ji Quan – Silver

Traditional Ba Gua Zhang Form – Fifth Place Medal

All Internal Weapons – Silver (Deer Horn Knife)

Women’s Light Weight Restricted Step Push Hands – Gold

  Heaven and Earth All Tai Chi Championship 2005 (Atlantic City, New Jersey)

Women Advanced Division:

Women’s Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan – Gold

Women’s Tai Chi Sword - Gold

Women’s Light Weight Restricted Step Push Hands – Gold

 Wan Long Cup Traditional Chinese Internal Martial Arts Championship 2005 (Beijing, China)

Traditional Internal Martial Arts Division

Ba Gua Zhang - Silver

 Wong Fei Hong Chinese Martial Arts Championships 2004 (Teaneck, New Jersey)

Advanced Division:

All Styles Tai Chi Form – Bronze

All Internal Weapons - Bronze (Fan)

 Third All Ba Gua Zhang Championship 2004 (Teaneck, New Jersey)

Advanced Division:

 Traditional Ba Gua Zhang Form -Silver

 Open Ba Gua Form                      -Gold

 Ba Gua Zhang Weapons (Ba Gua Sword) -Gold

 Second All Ba Gua Zhang Championship 2003 (Teaneck, New Jersey)

Advanced Division:

Traditional Ba Gua Zhang Form - Gold

Open Ba Gua Zhang Form          - Gold

Ba Gua Zhang Traditional Weapons - Gold

Ba Gua Zhang Open Weapons          - Gold

 First All Ba Gua Zhang Championship 2002 (Teaneck, New Jersey)

Beginner Division:

Traditional Ba Gua Zhang Form - Gold

Open Ba Gua Form                      - Gold

Ba Gua Zhang Weapons              - Silver

 New York Summer Bash Chinese Martial Arts Championships 2002 (New York City)

Women Light Weight Sparring – Champion

New York Summer Bash Chinese Martial Arts Championships 2001 (New York City)

Women’s Sparring – Champion