The items below are educational products for studying Qi Gong and Internal Martial Arts. 

These three books are written by Frank Allen and Tina Zhang and published by North Atlantic Books/Blue Snake books and distributed through Random House

You also can purchase these books in the bookstores near you, Internet on-line stores, or go to   or,

These DVDs are produced by Wu Tang PCA, and the only purpose is making easy access for people who are interested in learning and reviewing these subjects that we are practicing and teaching.  All DVDs can be played at all zones with DVD players and computers.  All products, tuitions are non-refundable, but exchangeble wihin 15 days after the purchases.    


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           A money order, and personal check are also welcome!  Please make check payable to Tina Chunna Zhang.

Shipping & Service fee: $6.99 for continential U.S.A.

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