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 This special medical Qi Gong was originally developed and perfected over the course of 1700 years by Daoists, Traditional Chinese Medical (TCM) doctors and Qi Gong experts in China.  It integrates the principles of TCM with the classical internal arts to feed the needs of a woman's  unique anatomy.  This Qi Gong set working as a natural medicine that relies on the body's own power to heal. Focusing on moving the blood and generates the female energy through a series of very gentle, conscious, graceful and easy-to-do Qi Gong movements, this Qi Gong set works by discovering and connecting the positive energy in all of a woman's internal organs and systems to improve or maintain their functions.  It creates pelvic health which in turn helps women to balance their emotions as well as hormones to ease or arrest uncomfortable symptoms of menstruation, menopause and in all stages of their lives.  This Qi Gong set has been recommended by medical doctors as promotes long range anti-aging and a natural mind and body approach to women's general health.   There are ten sections of this set of medical Qi Gong:    

1. Concentrated Mind - A classical posture for cultivating energy  
2.The Big Dipper - Opening seven major joints in the body
3. Deer Walk - Improves the functions of  female organs 
4. The Sun, The Moon, and The Stars - Aids the digestive system
5. Crane Dance - A kidney booster
6. The Earth Energy - Female (Earth) energy cultivation
7. Dragon and Phoenix - Creating pelvic heath
8. The Spirit of Vitality - Bringing out our true female spirits  

9. The Eight Energies Circle Walking - The energy connection between the human being and nature

 10. Eye Qi - 5motions & 8 acupressure points to improve eyesight

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